A Mommy’s Guide to Diapers

This is a guest post written by Deeksha Tripathi. She has one daughter. She is the blogger for http://wonderfulwomen.in. Check out her amazing blog!

Hello mommies! Hope your motherhood journey (which is in fact a roller coaster ride!) is going smooth!! There are so many challenges which a mommy handles that the list is never ending. One of these challenges is keeping your baby dry and comfortable. Yes, I’m talking about using diapers and taking care of diaper rashes. So here’s a guide from another mommy like you who has been through this all, to using diapers and preventing diaper rash.

Diapers are for sure one of the greatest bliss for both mommies and babies. But you must assure that the baby is comfortable, growing well, and happy at all times in his/her diaper! Whether you are a new mom or a mom of a grown-up kid, you have not just to take care of your kid but also manage other things around you. For me, diapers played the most important role in raising my daughter. It helped me to overcome my anxiety while taking my baby out for long hours or while she is asleep. Keeping the baby in diapers, gives any mommy some rest from her round-the-clock duties during the day and much needed rest at night. But like everything, using diapers also has some drawbacks the biggest of them being Diaper Rash! So, to help you out here is a guide from an experienced mommy to use diapers intelligently and to deal with diaper rash!

How to choose a Diaper?

A diaper is more flexible than a cloth nappy and hence allows your baby to walk or do physical activity freely. One way to choose right diaper for your baby is to buy small packs of diapers from different brands. Use them and then decide which is the best for your baby. I  feel some diapers are so stuffed and heavy that they strain the baby’s waist and make him/her feel uncomfortable. So make sure you choose a light and soft diaper for your tender baby. Go for pants style diapers as they are easy to wear. Be sure to make your baby wear fresh diaper throughout night time so that your baby sleeps peacefully. A good sleep helps your baby grow and develop faster!

Preventing Diaper Rash

While using diapers, maintaining a baby’s hygiene is extremely important otherwise it may lead to diaper rash. I have faced this problem myself and believe it hurts you more than your baby! But almost all the babies experience the problem of diaper rash. It is very common problem faced by the babies in the first two years of life. Diaper rash is a bacterial infection on the skin causing the diaper area to get red sometimes with prickly spots.


•  Leaving wet or soiled diaper on baby for long period of time. Prolonged exposure to urine or stool can irritate the baby’s sensitive skin.

• Using a smaller size diaper which is tight on baby’s waist

• If the baby is suffering from diarrhea

• Giving excessive antibiotics to baby


• Keep your baby ‘s bottom clean and dry. Before every diaper change clean baby’s bums and genitals with baby wipes or wash them with pure water. Let the skin get dry for 1 to 2 minutes before putting on fresh diaper.

• Use diaper rash powder after every diaper change in summers.

• During winters apply nappy change cream instead of powder. Though it is recommended by the brands to apply nappy change cream after every diaper change but if your baby doesn’t have any rashes than twice a day is sufficient.

• You can also apply a few drops of pure coconut oil on baby’s bums and private parts to avoid rashes.

• Let your baby enjoy diaper free time. I used to keep my baby free from diaper for about 10- 15 minutes several times in a day.

• Don’t rub your baby’s skin while cleaning. After a wash, pat dry it using a soft towel.

Hope my tips on using diapers and preventing diaper rash help all you mommies. Wishing you all happy motherhood. Enjoy your journey!

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  1. Great ideas here for diaper rash! When we go on long car rides we always lather them up with Desitin, which really helps. We have also found diaper free time if it’s not over carpet really helps heal it faster too. Sometimes that’s not possible, but you have some other really great tips. Never heard of coconut oil for this, but it’s good for pretty much everything else it seems!

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