An Open Letter to my Six Month Old Daughter

To my beautiful daughter Madelyn,
Wow… time flies by so fast. You are 6 months old today. I cannot believe you are halfway to being one years old. It seems that yesterday you were born.
I love to constantly tell you that you’re beautiful and that I love you because it’s true. You have brought so much happiness and laughs into my life so far. Your smile is so beautiful and your laugh is so adorable. You have such a personality already. When you look at me and smile, it melts my heart.
I am truly blessed.
You have so many favorite things. You love your Nuby fish teether, soft blankets, your ball, elephant stuffed animal, jumper, crunchy books, rainforest sound toy, and so much more. You also love people, especially mommy and daddy, and always smile. You really enjoy worship music, which I’m so happy about.
You love peas, carrots, mixed vegetables, and teething snacks the most so far. You can hold your own bottle now, although mommy misses feeding you myself.
You officially started sitting up shortly before you turned 6 months. Now you can completely turn to your stomach from your back, which scares me. You are able to scoot, so you’ll probably be crawling soon. You love to grab my face and give me kisses. You love grabbing people’s fingers and not letting go. You amaze me.
You get so happy when daddy is about to be home, but I still claim you as mommy’s girl.
Everyone loves you and I know I definitely do.  I cannot wait to see how much you grow before you turn one.
I am in happy tears as I write this. Mommy loves you princess. Thank you for making me smile and thank you for being amazing.

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