How to Keep a Marriage Alive & Thriving

Married couples live their lives together as spouses and best friends. A lot of couples except their marriage to work by itself, on top of everything else going on in their lives. Marriage needs a lot of time and attention in order to flourish. You NEED to put aside time to focus on your connection with your spouse for this to work out for the best. While surprise dates from your spouse are great, the way you treat each other on a daily basis is what really matters. Actions speak louder than words. If you want to gain more knowledge on how to keep your marriage alive, continue reading.

  • Stay connected with your spouse. Always make sure you make sure how he is feeling, if something seems off. Just because you have been married to your spouse for a while now, does not mean he will always be feeling the same way. Even those who have had long marriages do not always know what’s on their partners minds.  Humans need physical contact; whether it be a hug, kiss, or sexual contact. Try to make time for date nights, even if that means getting babysitters for the children.
  •  Making spending time together and your marriage a priority. I am assuming you got married  to your spouse because you enjoy being around them. Now, it is time to show this more. Making your marriage a priority is very important. It is vital that you show that they are a priority, even above work and school. This does not mean stop giving other things or people attention, but it is always critical to make sure you are investing in them, as well. Whether you have been married for a few days, weeks, or years; don’t take your partner’s companionship for granted.
  • Stop making excuses. We all get tired and busy, but that does not mean your marriage should go on the back burner. Making excuses can potentially cause your spouse to loose trust in you. Though you think you may be avoiding conflict by making excuses, this is ruining the foundation of your marriage. Always be honest with your spouse, whether you think it may cause problems or not.
  • Find ways to show you appreciate your spouse. This does not have to always mean purchasing her things. You can simply show your appreciation by doing things she normally does by herself. Some ideas you can do to show appreciation are: take care of your children while she rests, do the dishes, clean the bedroom, go get the groceries, etc. The possibilities are endless when you are looking to show more appreciation towards your spouse.
  • Make a list of things you love and appreciate about your husband/wife. You can carry this around with you wherever you go or have it in a certain spot to look at.
  • Encourage and Praise your spouse. Marriages should be one of the most important to provide encouragement. Praising your wife/husband is wonderful. It can make all of the difference, especially when they are having a rough day. Look at the things that make your spouse unique and praise them for this.
  • Learn their love language. There are 5 different love languages. You can find out your spouses love language in many different ways. You can take tests online or read a book together about them. I totally recommend The Five Love Languages By: Gary Chapman. I got ours off, but Amazon or a library are also good options if funds are an issue.
  • Never stop flirting with each other. A lot of couples seem to stop doing and/or saying the things they did to their spouse when they first got together. Marriages need to have flirting in them too. Flirting isn’t just for the single and those only in relationships.
  • Actually listen to them when they are speaking. A lot of couples think their spouse doesn’t listen to them. While this is true for some, it is not true for everyone. It really is not that hard to just listen to your wife or husband without getting distracted. If you get distracted, they will feel unheard and/or uncared for.
  • Communicate. Don’t just not saying anything, just because you are afraid of hurting the other’s feelings. If you are with the right person, they will take it the right way and fix things. Communicating is one of the most important things in any relationship. IT IS KEY!

3 thoughts on “How to Keep a Marriage Alive & Thriving

  1. Great tips! My husband and I read The Five Love Languages and it was a huge eye-opener for us! Flirting is also something we enjoy doing. It makes us feel like we are still dating.

  2. Wonderful post! The last one – communicate – is one that I struggle with as a newlywed. My husband is my best friend and honesty is what brought us together, but as soon as we got married, it was more difficult for me to be honest about things that bothered me, because we were sharing such small quarters and (what seemed like) every second together. So I’ve been working on that one a lot lately.

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